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INTER SERVICE CADET RIFLE MEETING (ISCRM): 24 - 27 October 22   The Inter Services Cadet Rifle Me

Cadet Bisley July 2022 – Calling Notices (ISCRM/Schools’/Cadet Imperial)

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6 / 01 / 2022

ACF Shooting Officer’s Conference 2022

Regional Cadet Bisley Final

Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October saw thirty-four teams compete in the Regional Cadet Bisley Final at Ce

Regional Cadet Bisley

CCRS is delighted to share that in September, our Regional Cadet Bisley matches took place at seven differen

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Pre-Imperial and NRA Imperial 2021

Last month the NRA of the UK hosted the 152nd Imperial Meeting at Bisley. Despite COVID-19, 740 individuals

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Regional Cadet Bisley 2021

Regional Cadet Bisley 2021   Regional Cadet Bisley will involve de-centralised matches for all five

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‘Cadet Bisley’ – Summer Central Meeting Update

'Cadet Bisley' - Summer Central Meeting Update Letter 17 Feb 21