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Regional Cadet Bisley

CCRS is delighted to share that in September, our Regional Cadet Bisley matches took place at seven different locations across the country and we have seen over two hundred cadets shooting over each two-day event. A huge thanks must go to every single person that has been involved in ensuring these matches have gone ahead so successfully.


At each match, the winning team from each Cadet Force automatically earns a place at the Final which will be held at Bisley next month. Congratulations to the following teams:


Match Service Team Name Score
Altcar SCC North West Area SCC Team 1 327.10
Altcar ACF B Coy ‘Al Basrah’ Warwickshire & W Midlands ACF 324.04
Altcar CCF Oldham & Hulme Grammar School CCF 245.07
Strensall ACF Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF B Coy 322.10
Strensall RAFAC Durham Northumberland Wing RAFAC 314.04
Pirbright CCF Sutton Valence School CCF 370.13
Pirbright ACF Hampshire and Isle of Wight ACF Normandy Company Team 2 250.05
Beckingham CCF Woodbridge School CCF 313.09
Beckingham ACF Derbyshire ACF 384.15
SENTA RAFAC 30F City of Llandaff Team 1 369.15
SENTA ACF Dyfed & Glamorgan ACF Team 1 305.04
SENTA SCC South West Area Team 2 226.05
Yoxter CCF Millfield School CCF 384.12
Yoxter RAFAC 2419 Quedgeley Sqn 358.05
Yoxter ACF Devon ACF Team 2 334.04
Barry Buddon ACF A&SH Bn ACF Team 1 265.05

Additional teams to qualify will be notified by the CCRS Shooting Manager.