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UKCRT and BCRT Tours to Jersey

On the 23rd August, both the United Kingdom Cadet Rifle Team (UKCRT) and the British Cadet Rifle Team (BCRT – The Athelings) departed for their tour to Jersey to compete in the Jersey Rifle Association (JRA) Summer Prize Meeting.


Sixty-seven competitors took part in the Meeting, including GB Palma shots, GBU25s and some very strong shooters from the JRA and the Guernsey Rifle Club (GRC). The individual shooting took place over the course of four days with the cadets shooting at distances from 200 yards to 1,000 yards.


The highest placed cadet in the Grand Aggregate (which was out of 825 points) was J Burch in 4th place with 811.109.


Other notable performances in the Grand Aggregate included:


5th Sophie Hodge (BCRT) 810.98

9th Rollo Tiffin (BCRT reserve) 807.98

14th Rory Roche (UKCRT) 805.83


There was also a great deal of impressive shooting throughout the individual competitions and aggregates from the cadets. A highlight of notable individual performances can be seen below.


Sunday 29th August was Team Match Day at 300, 500 and 600 yards. The UKCRT captained by F Lawry took on the Channel Island Cadets. The BCRT, captained by J Orr, faced the challenge of taking on a senior Channel Islands team of twelve. Both teams shot incredibly well and successfully beat their opponents. J Caldwell (UKCRT) didn’t drop a point to score a 150.17 – the highest score on the range out of all four teams and the only 150 of the day.



Team Match results:


UKCRT vs. CI Cadets   BCRT vs. Channel Islands
UKCRT 1163.111 BRCT 1748.181
CI Cadets 1149.113 CI 1728.173



Individual results:


J Burch (BCRT)

1st in the Jesse Boot 200x with a 75.11

1st in the Les Quinze (aggregate)

2nd in the Upton Cup (aggregate)

3rd in the Axis Cup (aggregate)


S Hodge (BCRT)

1st in the Pool 600x with a 50.9

3rd in the Cotillard 1000x with a 74.7

3rd in the Les Quinze (aggregate)


T White (BCRT)

2nd (after a tie shoot) in the Gallichan 500x with a 75.10

2nd in the Upton Cup (aggregate)

2nd in the Les Quinze (aggregate)


R Roche (UKCRT)

1st in the Axis Cup (aggregate)

2nd in the Rene Emmanuel Trophy (aggregate)

3rd in the Mourant 500x with a 50.7

3rd in the Jesse Boot 200x with a 75.9

3rd in the Martin Townsend Trophy (aggregate)

3rd in the Wagstaffe Cup (aggregate)

3rd in the A J Le Gresley (aggregate)


F Stewart (BCRT) 3rd in the Macartney 600x with a 75.11


R Tiffin (BCRT reserve)

1st in the Stark Cup (aggregate)

2nd in the Axis Cup (aggregate)

2nd in the Ann Street Brewery Championship (aggregate)

3rd in the Rene Emmanuel Trophy (aggregate)


F Robson (BCRT) 3rd in the Phil Amy Memorial Trophy (aggregate)