Individual (cadet and uniformed adult)

Any member – both cadet and uniformed adult – of the four cadet youth organisations may become an individual member. This applies especially to those keen shooters who are in cadet units which offer little advancement beyond the core shooting syllabus.



Individual (adult not in uniform)

Individual membership also applies to an adult not in uniform who may wish to support CCRS in general or in a specific role such as coaching.


Cost and benefits

The cost of individual membership is £10 annually. Benefits of individual membership are:


  • Access to the shooting community including experienced coaches and shooters.
  • Able to apply for entry to CCRS competitions.
  • Able to apply for international teams.
  • Able to apply to borrow CCRS rifles; a nominal fee will be requested to assist with rifle maintenance. Storage is included.
  • Use of Derby Lodge and its facilities.


Those interested should contact