CCRS was first registered with The Charity Commission in 1982 as an Unincorporated Charity with the number 284838. CCRS became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation on 15 April 2013 and legally took control of all the assets – including staff – of the Unincorporated Charity; its new number being 1151615. The Unincorporated Charity was subsequently removed from the register of charities.


The Ffennell Cadet Rifle Shooting Trust Fund (3011068) came under the control of the unincorporated CCRS under a Charity Commission Scheme on 2 October 2002; the Scheme was amended with effect from 28 December 2013 and the linkage transferred to CCRS as a CIO.


CCRS’ governing document is its Constitution which was adopted on 4 March 2013 and amended on 5 March 2018.