International Activities

UK international teams.

CCRS is responsible for all organisation of the following UK teams:

UK Cadet Rifle Team (U17)

This is a team of 12 cadets which competes annually in the Jersey Rifle Association summer meeting.

British Cadet Rifle Team (U18 and known as The Athelings)


This is a team of 18 cadets which competes annually in Canada against the Royal Canadian Army Cadets’ National Rifle Team; it also takes part in the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association meeting. The first team visited Canada in 1910.

GB U19 Rifle Team


This is not a cadet team and is organised in partnership with the National Rifle Association. Teams of 8 annually visit the Republic of South Africa (RSA) to compete against the RSA Junior Team and take part in the Free State Championships and the South African Bisley Union Open Championships.


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