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Cadet Support Group 2024

‘Cadet Bisley’ comprises of four elements:

  • Pre-ISCRM 07-11 July facilitated by CCRS but run under single Service arrangements
  • The Inter Services Cadets Rifle Meeting (ISCRM) from 11- 14 July, of which 77 teams have entered from the SCC, ACF and RAFAC
  • The CCF School’s Meeting 14-18 July, with 30 schools having entered
  • The Cadet Imperial 19-24 July 21 cadets and 4 CFAV’s have entered this years competition. Supported by CCRS, the Cadet Imperial runs alongside the NRA Imperial Meeting.

‘Cadet Bisley’ depends on two elements:

  1. Cadet Support Group. A ‘Cadet Support Group’ (CSG), responsible for delivering general life support to participating units.  This includes liaising with Pirbright Camp authorities, taking over and handing back Brunswick Camp accommodation; manning a 24/7 ‘Cadet Bisley’ guardroom for booking in/out; general enquiries; acting as a Point of Contact, collection and delivery of stores, ammunition, and packed lunches; safeguarding and welfare, running a central armoury (less for pre-ISCRM); and acting as ‘honest broker’ in the interest of all three Services.


  1. Permanent Range Teams.  Range teams for pre-ISCRM are being organised by the single Services under their respective National Shooting Officers.  Range teams for the ISCRM, CCF Schools Meeting and Cadet Imperial have historically comprised some who stay for one event only, others who stay for the whole period.

Please follow this LINK to see what roles we need filled, and some more information on exactly what it is we require.


20240607_ Cadet Bisley CSG Range Teams Calling Notice