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UK Under 17 Cadet Rifle Team (UKCRT) 2022

UK Under 17 Cadet Rifle Team (UKCRT) 2022


CCRS thanks all UKCRT 2022 applicants, and warmly congratulates all who participated in Exercise Maple Taste.

The UKCRT 2022 team is confirmed as follows (alphabetical order):



Cdt Beaton-Jaramillo, Bradfield College CCF (RM)

Cdt Cox, Bradfield College CCF (Army)

Cdt LCpl Downie, Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF

Cdt Green, Pate’s Grammar School CCF (Army)

Cdt Horsman-Carpenter, Gresham’s School CCF (RAF)

Cdt Janelid, Marlborough College CCF (Army)

Cdt Peters, Sedbergh School CCF (Army)

Cdt Purslow, Gresham’s School CCF (RAF)

Cdt Ross, Sedbergh School CCF (Army)

Cdt Scott, Epsom College CCF (Army)

Cdt Cpl Thorne, Lincolnshire ACF

Cdt Williams, Epsom College CCF (Army)



Cdt Kousetta, Epsom College CCF (RN)

Cdt Cpl Richards, Hampshire & Isle of Wight ACF


CCRS will advise Shooting Officers on individual performance – please contact The Selection Committee commiserates with all other Exercise Maple Taste attendees, and encourages everyone to keep up their shooting as all participants demonstrated team selection potential.  Team tour details will follow by letter to Shooting Officers and all those named above.