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New Competitions Officer

CCRS are pleased to announce the appointment of a new Competitions Officer from 4 January 2021, and are delighted to welcome Lulu Watson and wish her every success in the role.  Please see her resumé below.


Lulu attended Cheltenham College where she was a member of the CCF and took up shooting at the age of 13. She toured to Canada and South Africa as an Atheling and then member of the GBU19 team, more recently shooting for Jersey and the Channel islands.


Having qualified and worked in audit after leaving school, she subsequently trained as a Montessori teacher.  Lulu then returned to Cheltenham College as Head of Shooting followed by a year at Epsom College as a shooting coach before spending the last three years teaching in London and running a Montessori School.


Lulu is also in the Army Reserves, and as a member of the British Army Target Rifle Team she organised a successful British Army Open in 2019.  When not at Bisley, Lulu enjoys skiing, walking and travelling.


Lulu is delighted to start working with CCRS as Competitions Officer, promoting and supporting Cadet shooting. She is keen is ensure that cadets get the same opportunities and experiences she had that have led to her passion and love for shooting.