Following the announcement today by the National Rifle Association that it has regrettably had to cancel all competitions to 31st August at Bisley, including the 2020 Imperial Meeting, CCRS has with great regret also had to take the decision to cancel Cadet Bisley, which includes Community Cadets’ pre-Bisley training, the Inter Services’ Cadet Rifle Meeting, the CCF Schools’ Meeting, and the Cadet Imperial. This means that all our scheduled events to end August at Bisley are cancelled.


Regretfully, the BCRT (Athelings) Tour cannot go ahead as the 2020 exchange programme for all UK and Canadian cadets has been mutually cancelled. We are looking at potential alternatives and will communicate with all those affected as soon as we are able.


We will be taking advice on the planned UKCRT and GBU19 overseas tours, which we would hope can still go ahead, particularly as our respective international counterparts remain committed to these for now at least. We will remain in touch with all team members, and please continue to watch the website for regular updates.


The announcement by the NRA does not preclude potential opportunities to shoot at Bisley should circumstances permit, only that it has had to cancel the main planned events. We remain engaged with the NRA as the fullbore national governing body to explore what opportunities we may be able to develop at Bisley over the coming months.


We thank all our members for their patience and support, and emphasise that our priority is the safety and wellbeing of all our stakeholders, to whom we send our continued best wishes.




Brig (Retd) Mark Pountain CBE
General Secretary
Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting