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Army Cadets Adult Target Rifle Coaching Course 21

The Army Cadets normally run two adult target rifle coaching courses for members of the Army Cadets (ACF and CCF), with any spare capacity allocated to the other services. The course is designed to introduce CFAVs to target rifle shooting using the L81 A2 Cadet Target Rifle.


Due to COVID-19, only one course will run in 2021 with limited spaces available. The course will be run from CTC Frimley Park 5 – 10 Sep 21. All those wishing to attend are asked to fill in an attendance request form found at the link below.


Army Cadet Adult TR Coaching course form


The deadline for attendance requests is 1200 Friday 6 Aug. After this date, any remaining spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.


For any enquiries or further details, please contact