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Volunteer Opportunity – Organiser of the Community Cadets’ BCRT Training and Selection Weekend

CCRS is looking for someone with excellent organisational skills to head the planning, organisation and execution of the Community Cadets’ British Cadet Rifle Team Training and Selection weekend. Usually held over three days of the first weekend in September, it typically involves around 20 cadets from the SCC, RM Cadets, ACF, and RAF Air Cadets, and an equal number of directing staff (DS). The programme includes live fire marksmanship training (LFMT), lectures and evening activities.


The successful candidate would work closely with CCRS staff to set up and manage the event. Responsibilities include:


  • Ensuring that the right number of suitable and qualified DS are available. DS are selected from CFAV and experienced fullbore shooters in the civilian community, and assist with LFMT on the ranges and supported classroom activities.


  • Selecting the cadets to participate, from the pool of applicants.


  • Liaising with CCRS to co-ordinate the planning, review the programme, and allocate duties and responsibilities among the DS.


  • Managing the event to resolve issues that may arise and ensure a worthwhile experience for the cadets.


  • Collate the views of the DS, agreeing the successful candidates, and reporting to the relevant selection committees.


Anyone interested is invited to contact the General Secretary of CCRS ( in the first instance.


Applications must be with CCRS by 1 June 2020.


CAVEAT – the scheduling of the event in 2020 is subject to Coronavirus (COVID-19) MOD and Cadet Forces’ policy.