Sponsorship for Imperial 
1. The Sponsorship of cadets shooting at the Imperial Meeting in 2015 was highly successful. It enabled 27 cadets to take part in the Meeting, gain valuable experience and compete for their own trophy. Seven of the 2013, 2014 or 2015 sponsored cadets (1 CCF, 4 ACF & 1 ATC) have been selected for the 2016 Athelings, five (3 ACF & 2 ATC) for the GB U19 and four (1 CCF, 2 ACF & 1 ATC) went on the 2015 UKCRT tour to Jersey. We are very grateful to the NRA for their continued support. We will require sponsored cadets, their units or other benefactor to contribute £150.00 to the actual cost. 
2. CCRS will enable up to thirty cadets from all four branches of the movement to be offered sponsored entry into the Imperial Meeting in 2016 from 15 to 21 July or, if qualifying to progress in staged shoots, to the 23 July. It will cover: 
a. Entry into the four warm-up matches on the first Friday and Saturday and all Grand Aggregate matches. Entry into other matches / aggregates except the free Athelings’ Association Aggregate, will have to be paid by the entrant. 
b. Meeting membership where applicable. 
c. Accommodation night 14th July to the completion of the individual’s shooting involvement. 
d. Feeding. 
e. Use of a rifle where needed. 
3. The aim is to have up to 7 CCF and 23 Single Service cadets, 15 seniors, plus 15 new 'juniors' who ideally will be able to return in 2017 if the sponsorship continues. This sponsorship is for cadets who otherwise would not be able to afford to participate in the NRA Imperial Meeting and unit officers must be satisfied of this need before submitting nominations. 
4. We look to sponsor cadets for two years so that they may develop their shooting; thus in addition to paragraph 3 above, and the ability to find the £150.00 contribution for all candidates, the criteria required for selection are: 
a. Enthusiasm. 
b. When first selected, availability as a cadet for the 2016 and 2017 meetings. It is appreciated that this can not be guaranteed but Masters/Officers who recommend cadets must make this a conscious part of their assessment. 
c. Ability preferably with a Target Rifle, or with a .22 rifle, (an average score of about 90 on a ten bull target) is wanted although obvious 'improvers' should not be excluded. 
d. As a reflection of the change in age for the BCRT and UKCRT tours, on 1 September 2016, to be ideally under 17 and definitely not under 14 years of age, but see para 4e. 
e. ACF cadets who have been on the Canadian Marksmanship Course can be considered as having completed one year of sponsorship if necessary to avoid their exclusion on the grounds of future availability and age. 
5. CCRS has a limited number of 7.62mm Target Rifles and may be able to obtain the use of more, which could be used by sponsored cadets. Application for the loan of rifles should be submitted to the General Secretary as soon as possible after selection. 
6. Nominations, including re-nomination of 2015 sponsees are needed at Derby Lodge by 2 May 2016, giving full details for each nominee as required in Annex A. SCC and ATC applications must be sent through your service Headquarters. 
7. Where more than one candidate is submitted from any unit they must be placed in order of priority. 
8. Nominating Officers are particularly asked to confirm availability and they must confirm from where the £150.00 contribution is being found for each cadet. As soon as the selection is made the contribution will be due and only once it has been received will final confirmation of sponsorship be made. 
9. All sponsored cadets will be required to sign an undertaking to comply with certain ground rules that will be laid down, in particular in relation to alcohol, curfew, time keeping and domestic arrangements in the accommodation. It must also be noted that attendance at the Sponsorship prizegiving on Thursday 14 is mandatory. 
10. Imperial Meeting entry, preferably on line on the NRA web site www.nra.org.uk available from the end of March, should be made, or forms submitted to the NRA as soon as possible, both should be marked "CCRS / NRA Sponsorship Nominee". Once selection is made, those that are successful will need to take no further action unless the cadets have entered aggregates or sweeps, in which case payment for those entries must be made at once. Cadets that have been unsuccessful must immediately pay their full entry fee or withdraw their entry. It is strongly suggested that a copy of all entry forms is taken before dispatch. If you do not wish to enter on line and do not normally have entry forms sent to you, they should be obtained direct from the NRA. 
11. It is also essential that the cadets are sufficiently prepared to participate in the meeting under their own steam. They must have the ability and confidence to get themselves to the correct firing point and be trained in the procedures required on the point. 
12. All Cadets must have been assessed by their unit and, once approved as competent, issued with a Shooter Certification Card (see CCRS letter 90/01 dated 19 Jan 2016, Cards must be requested from CCRS in advance). CCRS can not complete this requirement, it is a unit responsibility. 
13. Cadets must have all the correct equipment. If in doubt please consult the General Secretary 
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