International Teams 2020

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, CCRS were unable to send any teams overseas in 2020. Despite this, the following teams were selected and their members should be recognised for their achievement.

UK Cadet Rifle Team 2020

The 2020 team was led by Sam Sharma (Sedbergh School CCF). Members and non-travelling reserves were:


Commandant: Sam Sharma Sedbergh School CCF

Adjutant: Alison Carnell Charterhouse CCF

Team Members

James Burch Guildford RM Cadets

Lily Crabb Essex ACF

Charlie Crosby Wellington College CCF

Lucy Eadon Warwickshire & W Midlands ACF

Bethany Farr Somerset ACF

Sophie Hodge Wellington College CCF

Oliver Hughes Epsom College CCF

Matthew Keel Bradfield College CCF

Adam Pike Warwickshire & W Midlands ACF

Is’mail Seddon 1344 (Cardiff) Sqn RAFAC

Amren Singh Wellington College

Egor Vert Wellington College CCF

Non-travelling reserves

Ben Hunt Gresham’s School CCF

Imogen Hunt Sedbergh School CCF



British Cadet Rifle Team (The Athelings) 2020

The 2020 team was led by Mark Geernaert-Davies (HQ Army Cadets). Members and non-travelling reserves were:


Commandant: Lt Col Mark Geernaert-Davies HQ Army Cadets

Adjutant: SMI Sonia Wallace Army Cadet Force

Armourer: Capt Dafydd Marston CCRS


Team Members

Wilfred Adams Marlborough College CCF

Callum Chen Dollar Academy CCF

Thomas Craig-Fleming Lancing College CCF

Toby Cubitt Gresham’s School CCF

Elodie Edwards Derbyshire ACF

Katie Hines Bradfield College CCF

Andrew Hynd Dollar Academy CCF

John Matheson RGS Guildford CCF

Annabel Morriss Bradfield College CCF

Thomas Mulholland Victoria College CCF

Will Mulholland Victoria College CCF

Ben Robinson 1st (NI) Bn ACF

Jack Rowe Surrey ACF

Elina Smith Epsom College CCF

Oliver Taylor Shrewsbury School CCF

Alex Todd Gresham’s School CCF

Peter Wilkinson RGS Guildford CCF

MacKenzie Woodcock Gresham’s School CCF

Non-travelling reserves

Cameron Philip RGS Guildford CCF

Sarah Rorison Sedbergh School CCF

George Yates Victoria College CCF



GB U19 Team 2020

The 2020 team was led by Jonny Wallace (2 NI Bn ACF). Members were:


Commandant: Jonny Wallace 2 NI Bn ACF

Adjutant: Tania Liberman Gresham’s School


Team Members

Daisy Armstrong Sedbergh School CCF

Toby Cubitt Gresham’s School CCF

Abby Hendy Derbyshire ACF

Stacey Josling Surrey ACF

Jason Kellinger Marlborough College CCF

Luke Taylor 2 NI Bn ACF

Tristan Tancred  Gresham’s School CCF

Elina Smith Epsom College CCF