International Teams 2019

UK Cadet Rifle Team 2019

The 2019 team was led by Jane Jowett (Pates GS CCF). Members and non-travelling reserves were:


Commandant: Capt Jane Jowett Pates GS CCF

Adjutant: Lt Sam Sharma Sedbergh School CCF


Arthur Bramwell Shrewsbury School CCF

Thomas Craig-Fleming  Lancing College CCF

Max Garood Bradfield College CCF

Katie Hines Bradfield College CCF

James Ingham Charterhouse CCF

Annabel Morriss Bradfield College CCF

Pearlin Paudyal Pates Grammar School CCF

Ben Robinson 1st (NI) Bn ACF

Sarah Rorison Sedbergh School CCF

Elina Smith Epsom College CCF

Tristan Tancred Gresham’s School CCF

Mackenzie Woodcock Gresham’s School CCF

Non-travelling reserves

Gus McLellan Charterhouse CCF

Peter Wilkinson Royal Grammar School Guildford CCF





British Cadet Rifle Team (The Athelings) 2019

The 2019 team was led by Jon Pollard (HQ RAFAC) Members and non-travelling reserves were:

Commandant: Sqn Ldr Jon Pollard HQ RAF Air Cadets

Adjutant: 2Lt Eilidh Clarke Dollar Academy CCF

Armourer: Maj Alwyn McLean Army Reserve


Daisy Armstrong Sedbergh School CCF

Morgan Barnes Beds & Herts ACF

Freddie Cade Sedbergh School CCF

Samuel Cherry RGS Guildford CCF

Christina Cuming Bradfield College CCF

Benjamin Danziger Gresham’s School CCF

Ashton Doody Dorset ACF

Oscar Farrell Wellington College CCF

Olivia Hutt Dollar Academy CCF

Finlay Johnston Dollar Academy CCF

Toby Jones Victoria College CCF

Stacey Josling Surrey ACF

Kira Kapustina Gresham’s School CCF

Madeleine Luckyn-Malone Epsom College CCF

Kezaya Nichols Somerset ACF

Balazs Rigo RGS Guildford CCF

Edward Robinson Marlborough College CCF

Luke Taylor 2(NI) Bn ACF

Non-travelling reserves

George Bramwell Shrewsbury School CCF
Callum Chen Dollar Academy CCF
Toby Cubitt Gresham’s School CCF.

GB U19 Team 2019

The 2019 team was led by Andy Warman (HQ RAFAC) and Samantha Cocker (Essex ACF). The team competed in South Africa from 29 March – 21 April 2019 and comprised:


Commandant: Andy WarmanHQ ATC
Adjutant: Samantha CockerEssex ACF

Team Members

William Cubitt Gresham’s School CCF

Hugo Donovan Bradfield College CCF

Katie Hinkly Wellington College CCF

Maxwell Pybus Sedbergh School CCF

Nathanael Richmond 2(NI) Bn ACF

John-Paul Short Greater Manchester ACF

Kelsie Stewart 2(NI) Bn ACF

William Tiffin Elizabeth College CCF.


Royal Canadian Army Cadets’ National Rifle Team 2019.

CCRS hosted the team from 8 July to 5 August. They competed in both the Inter-Services’ Cadet Rifle Meeting and the Schools’/CCF Meeting before coming up against the British Cadet Rifle Team (The Athelings) in the Rex Goddard match stage 1. Canadian cadets then fired in the National Rifle Association Imperial Meeting. The UK Escort Officers for the duration of the Canadian visit were Peter Brock (Devon ACF) and Colin Dawson (Greater Manchester ACF).

Republic of South Africa (RSA) Junior Team.

The RSA Junior Team visits the UK biennially and last competed in 2018. A team will next visit in 2020.


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