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Cadet Inter Services’ Skill at Arms Meeting (CISSAM)

  • 24-27 October 2019

CISSAM is the national L98A2 (Cadet GP Rifle) event for Community Cadets. This year it will be held at Altcar Training Camp from 24 – 27 October, with single service training, also at Altcar, from 20 to 23 October.

The match conditions are available here:

CISSAM Rules and Matches 2019 (2018 Match Reversion)

ACF Units must fire a qualifying shoot of the Montgomery of Alamein, the rules of which are detailed in the CISSAM Match document. Teams should complete and return a qualifying score on the form available here:

ACF Qualifying Card for CISSAM 2019

Entry forms will be sent out to all unit and service HQ’s by 15 August


Altcar Training Camp Hightown Liverpool L38 8AF