The Earl Roberts 5.56mm Full-Bore Competition 
1. The matches are held under the authority of the Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting. 
2. All correspondence concerning the Matches will be handled by CCRS. 
3. These General Instructions apply to all the matches listed in Annexes A-G of this paper. It is essential that these General Instructions are read in conjunction with individual match conditions. 
4. The aim of these team matches is to encourage the Youth of the Commonwealth to participate in the sport of target rifle shooting. 
5. The following matches make up the Commonwealth Postal Matches: 
A .22in prone Rifle Competition Match A and A1 Annex A 
B .22in prone Rifle Competition Match B and B1 Annex B 
C 7.62mm prone Rifle Competition Class A Annex C 
D 7.62mm prone Rifle Competition Class B Annex D 
E The Earl Roberts 5.56mm Competition Annex E 
F The 6 yard prone Air Rifle Competition Annex F 
G The 10 yard 3 Position Air Rifle Competition Annex G 
6. a. Open to any number of teams from any unit or sub-unit anywhere in the Commonwealth, of equivalent strength to or lower than a squadron, battery or company, including:- 
1) Combined Cadet Force 
2) Sea Cadet Corps 
3) Army Cadet Force 
4) Air Training Corps 
5) Girls Venture Corps or Girls Training Corps (Scotland) 
6) Junior sailors, soldiers or airmen in one Establishment 
7) Any other body approved by the Committee. 
b. Each team shall consist of the number of firers specified in Match rules. The team Captain may or may not be one of the firers. The Captain and all firers must be under the age of 19 years on the day of firing the match and be serving members of the same unit or sub-unit. As defined in para 6a. No person may shoot for more than one team as defined in each competition. If this takes place the second and subsequent team will be disqualified. Units may enter any number of teams 
c. In those competitions where there is a choice of entering a team of eight or four firers the team of four is restricted to “UNITS” hose strength is 20 or less on the day of entry. 
7. Firing must take place in each twelve month period starting 1st April each year. 
8. a. United Kingdom 
As notified on entry form. 
b. Commonwealth Countries 
To be agreed by their organising Committee. Overseas entry fees are not to be forwarded to CCRS. 
9. The UK entry form for Matches A to G is shown at Annex H. 
a. Entry forms can be downloaded by clicking here or will be distributed by the Committee. In the UK this will be done via CCRS to the headquarters of the Organisations and in Commonwealth Countries, via CCRS to their nominated National Shooting Organisation on request. 
b. Entries from UK units will be sent to the Secretary CCRS. Commonwealth units will send entries to their nominated National Shooting Organisation. On receipt stickers, registers and certificates will be dispatched. 
10. a. Range Supervision: on the firing point and when appropriate in the butts is the responsibility of a competent and suitably qualified adult authorised to conduct range practices by the competing units parent organisation, who must not be from the competing team. Nothing in the competition rules will be allowed to interfere with proper safety procedures but when rules so specify the supervisor will carry the particular directions of the competition. 
b. Witnesses: When match rules require a witness the appointed person should not come from or be associated with the competing unit or its personnel and should be of similar status to that required of the range supervisor. 
11. Except when specially permitted adult Coaching is not allowed as these competitions are designed to be shot by trained cadets and ability to coach is a necessary part of this training. 
12. Targets or certified scores in accordance with the competition entered are to be returned to CCRS by the last day of March each year. 
13. In the case of Commonwealth Ffennell competitions full results and a copy of local rules including number of entries and number of participants are to be returned as above to satisfy the Trustees and to ensure that the appropriate medals are sent to competing countries. 
14. Results for the previous year will be published by CCRS in April each year and posted on this website. Main results will be included in the CCRS Year Book. 
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